The Intrusion of Fiction: Hiromi Kawakami’s Parade

Parade” published by Soft Skull Press, 2019

“Tell me a story from long ago,” Sensei said.

“Nishida, weren’t you surprised when it happened to you?” I asked.

She thought about it for a moment.

“Only at first,” she said. “I got used to her right away.”

“I’m not really sure. But you know, there are plenty of other things out there that don’t make sense, right?” I was impressed by the lack of concern in Nishida’s response. She was right about that. The truth was, I myself wasn’t all that interested in the reason. I had just felt like asking the question.

Many complain that the words of the wise are always merely parables and of no use in daily life, which is the only life we have… All these parables really set out to say merely that the incomprehensible is incomprehensible, and we know that already. But the cares we have to struggle with every day: that is a different matter.




Yorkshire person. Editor @readysteadybook. Writer @thequietus, @3ammagaine, @gorse_journal, @LAReviewofBooks + more. Communism, literature, philosophy.

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Daniel Fraser

Daniel Fraser

Yorkshire person. Editor @readysteadybook. Writer @thequietus, @3ammagaine, @gorse_journal, @LAReviewofBooks + more. Communism, literature, philosophy.

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